SATRAP Mining Corporation offers the reliable skills and materials needed to extract minerals and metals from the earth in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious, and profitable manner. With over 70 years of experience between them, SATRAP Mining Corporation’s core team has more than enough technical and practical ability to ensure its projects are executed and operated in the best possible manner. Currently engaged in several mining projects involving gold and copper, SATRAP Mining Corporation has notable interests in South Cotabato, Abra, and Iligan City. Likewise, SATRAP Mining Corporation is also engaged in the business of buying and refining unprocessed gold which results in an end product that is 99.999% pure gold.

Primarily based in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, SATRAP Mining Corporation is a member of the LCS Group of Companies which includes SATRAP Construction – which has handled several successful projects in Ilocos Sur involving the construction of roads and bridges – and SATRAP Power – which is engaged in projects relating to biofuels and renewable energy.

With regard to its mining projects, SATRAP Mining Corporation enjoys strategic partnerships with firms from all ends of the spectrum. On one hand, SATRAP Mining Corporation has partnerships with large, established, and listed firms such as Cadan Resources – this particular arrangement paving the way for SATRAP Mining Corporation’s current enjoyment of interests in an operating gold mine in South Cotabato. While on the other hand, SATRAP Mining Corporation also enjoys strategic partnerships with small scale mining groups – an arrangement that derives its success from the smooth relationship SATRAP Mining Corporation forges with local small-scale miners that is built on SATRAP Mining Corporation’s commitment to empower the communities surrounding its projects. By taking into consideration the specific needs of both its partners and the communities where its projects take place, SATRAP Mining Corporation paves the way for a good working relationship that allows them to operate in harmony with all parties involved.

Aside from its current operating projects, SATRAP Mining Corporation owns several Exploration Permit Applications [EXPA] for mineral sands, gold, and copper in locations around the Philippines which are in various stages of the approval process. Continuously on the lookout for ways to bring its reliable mining services to more parts of the country, SATRAP Mining Corporation remains open to joint projects with mining firms and mining communities. If you are interested in forming a partnership or entering into a similar arrangement with SATRAP Mining Corporation, do contact us via our contact details.


SATRAP Mining Corporation has two core areas of business, namely its gold and copper mining projects, and its acquisition and refinement of unprocessed gold.

With regard to its mining projects, SATRAP Mining Corporation partners with mining firms of different sizes in order to spread its risk profile and to ensure that it remains profitable even under fluctuating mineral commodity prices. In these mining projects, SATRAP Mining Corporation does not turn a blind eye to the community where the mining project is to take place since it openly engages in partnerships with the members of the affected community in order to provide a livelihood for the people therein. By working hand in hand with the people who live in the areas near or around the mining projects, SATRAP Mining Corporation is able to integrate these communities into its activities resulting in a bond of mutual respect and understanding between all parties involved.

Likewise, SATRAP Mining Corporation does not turn a blind eye to the environment, choosing to mine gold in its small-scale operations without the use of chemicals that contain Cyanide, Mercury or other similar substances which are extremely harmful to the well-being of both people and the environment. This is done through a strategic partnership with MineConsult, an international firm in the business of designing and constructing Modular Gold Processing Plants. As part of its offering, SATRAP Mining Corporation, in conjunction with MineConsult, is developing a range of chemical-free gold processing plants suited to small-scale mining operations – a development which must surely be hailed as a modern advancement in the Philippine mining industry due to its ability to ensure the continued preservation of the environment whilst maintaining profitability.

As for the acquisition of unrefined gold and its refinement, SATRAP Mining Corporation is establishing gold buying stations primarily situated in Ilocos Sur, and General Santos City. The gold bought from these stations will be refined in a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery in Vigan, where it will be refined to a 99.999% pure gold product.

Embracing a determination to ensure a simplified, responsible, and cost-effective process of mining and gold refinement without sacrificing the well-being of the people, communities, and environment wherein its activities are found, SATRAP Mining Corporation is truly a forward thinking company that delivers quality in both its services and its products. Constantly on the lookout for small to medium scale gold mining projects, as well as similar projects involving gold, SATRAP Mining Corporation welcomes potential partners in need of assistance to contact us via our contact details.


Mr. Luis "Chavit" Singson

Mr. Luis "Chavit" Singson is a well known Filipino businessman and the President of the LCS Group of Companies. With both a political and business career that spans more than half a century, Mr. Singson has demonstrated charisma, strong leadership and a keen eye to identify opportunities and turning them into profitable business enterprises. Apart from his business interests in mining, public transport, construction, retail, power and online entertainment, he has also been instrumental in conserving his hometown Vigan into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mr. Rudi Rautenbach
(Chief Executive Officer)

A registered Professional Technologist with the Engineering Council of South Africa and a holder of a National Higher Diploma in Extraction Metallurgy from the University of Johannesburg, Mr. Rudi Rautenbach brings over 18 years of experience in the minerals and metals industry. Before moving to Manila in 2011, he spent 13 years in Africa in various engineering and management roles involving gold, diamonds, and other heavy minerals, the highlight being 5 years in Angola taking on various production roles for alluvial diamond mines. In Manila, he initially joined ENK plc as Project Director, but after its merger with DMCI, he opted to join Outotec where he became its Country Manager

Mr. Rudi Rautenbach is an accomplished executive with experience in operations, technical, strategic planning and marketing, business expansion, product development and government relations in the mining and related industries. A metallurgist by profession, he has a keen understanding of the mining business, and leads SATRAP’s efforts in expanding into gold mining, processing and refining in the Philippines. He is a persuasive and tenacious leader with a proven track record in achieving business results by developing strategic alliances, identifying new opportunities and developing business processes whilst controlling expenses.

Aside from being CEO of SATRAP Mining Corporation, Mr. Rautenbach is also the CEO of SATRAP Mining Limited, and a director of MineConsult Engineering and Project Managers Limited, ARConsult Limited, and Cadan Resources.

Mr. Randy Singson

Holding a degree in horticulture from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Mr. Randy Singson is in one of the best positions to ensure that all the company’s projects are environmentally safe and sound.

As a former city councilor of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Mr. Singson enjoyed three full terms in that position which enabled him to gain a working understanding of the needs of the different communities that can be found in and around Vigan City. Due to his being a former city councilor, he is therefore no stranger to ensuring that the needs of the community are always considered before decisions are made. Given his strong desire to serve and uplift the people he represents and works with, it is therefore no surprise that during his time as city councilor, Vigan became a chartered city which not only confirmed the economic progress of Vigan during that time, but also paved the way for subsequent economic increases in the local economy which are enjoyed even today.

Mr. Edgardo V. Gonzales

Mr. Ed Gonzales holds a B.S. Geology degree from the Mapua Institute of Technology, and has pursued further studies in Applied Geology at Curtin University of Technology in Australia.

A licensed geologist and a member of the Geological Society of the Philippines, National Committee on Geological Sciences, and National Committee on Marine Sciences, Mr. Gonzales has obtained years of experience in geology working as the head, chairman, and general manager of several institutions and bodies that are heavily involved in geological matters such as the Mines and Geosciences Bureau. Similarly, he has also worked as a consultant for several entities including the University of the Philippines – National Institute on Geological Sciences and Livcor Environmental Corporation, just to name a few.

With his academic credentials and work experience in geological and administrative matters, Mr. Gonzales brings to SATRAP Mining Corporation a vast array of skills that center on geophysical and geological studies in mineral exploration, geohazard assessment, and mitigation & environmental assessment.

Mr. Dalan Singson
(Operations Support)

Mr. Dalan Singson has always had a natural curiosity and desire towards mechanical matters. As a young boy growing up, he was already able to operate a wrench and remove the training wheels from his bike despite being only 4 years old. This natural attraction that began from a very young age is what enables him today to have a good working knowledge and understanding for all matters relating to mechanics.

Although Mr. Singson is no stranger to the Philippines, most of his work involving construction and maintenance took place in the United States of America. Driven by his natural desire to understand more about everything mechanical, Mr. Singson has applied his skills in Carpentry, Framing, Tiles, Plumbing, Masonry, and many other fields. Notably, his last occupation in the United States was that of an Underwater Yacht Maintenance Diver – a job that necessitates an advanced level of both practical and technical skills given its complications.


Tribal Mining Corporation (TMC)
T’Boli Gold and Silver Project

The T’Boli gold-silver deposit is located in south-central Mindanao, Philippines, in the town of T’Boli, South Cotabato province. It is situated 40 kilometers WNW of General Santos City, a major growth center in Mindanao. Title to the project is held by TMC under a Mineral Production Agreement (MPSA-000090-XI) with the Philippine Government with a term of 25 years renewable for a like period.

The T’boli Gold-Silver deposit lies in the northwest trending Daguma Mountain Range parallel to the NW trending Cotabato Trench, and represents a major low-sulphidation epithermal gold mineralization. Major vein systems near the contact of volcanic tuff and andesite porphyry were traced and delineated along easterly trending altered fractured zones and stockworks systems.

With an Inferred Mineral Resources estimate to 3.8Mt at 8.7g/t Au and 27g/t Ag for a contained 1.1Moz Au and 3.3Moz Ag, the project features significant potential for its shareholders. SATRAP Mining Corporation holds a 23% stake in the project, with representation at board level. SATRAP also provides ongoing commercial and technical support to the operations team at T’Boli. Studies are underway for the extension of the present mining area into APSA-000051-XI, also owned by TMC, to increase its mine production output.

The gold and silver processing plant features a modern crushing, milling, carbon-in-leach (CIL), ZADRA elution, electrowinning and smelting process. The plant construction was completed in the 4th quarter of 2015, and commissioned in December 2016, with ongoing optimization of the processing parameters and operations. To-date, the project produced approximately 10kg of gold and 81kg of silver from processing low and marginal grade stockpiles.

Satrap Tribal Mining Corp
Satrap Tribal Mining Corp
Satrap Tribal Mining Corp

Abra Project

SATRAP Mining Corporation is pursuing cooperation agreements with several small-scale miners in the Abra province. These cooperation agreements include assistance for the declaration of the area or areas into People’s Small-Scale Mining (SSM) Area/s and subsequently provide funding, under acceptable loan agreement, for the development of safe, and profitable mining tunnels yielding high-grade gold ores and working with small-scale miners’ associations and their communities. The Company envisions to have a pivotal role of promoting and establishing well-planned legitimate SSM operations that are socially and environmentally responsible and with due consideration to the socio-economic development of the area.

Satrap Abra Project
Satrap Abra Project
Satrap Abra Project

Vigan Project

SATRAP Mining Corporation and its affiliates are in the process of developing a modern, safe and economic processing technology to recover gold without the use of chemicals harmful to nature and humans. One example of such a chemical is mercury, a highly toxic metal used in the recovery of gold by small-scale miners. Once the technology is ready for commercial deployment, SATRAP Mining Corporation would establish cooperative agreements with small-scale miners to process their gold-bearing ores in strategically-located processing centers across gold-producing provinces in the Philippines.

SATRAP Mining Corporation is also in the process of evaluating and planning the establishment of a precious metals refinery in Vigan, where it would purchase and refine precious metals and produce high-end Filipino memorabilia for local investors and tourists visiting the Philippines.

Satrap Vigan Gold Smelting
Satrap Vigan Gravity Plant
Satrap Vigan Refinery